The following information regarding Father John Sutton, including his assignments and some of the allegations against him, has been compiled from public sources that are listed below. Please note that the information on this page is not intended to suggest the allegations are true or false, but is merely being provided to summarize publicly available information. If you or someone you love was abused, please contact us to learn your legal options.


1956-57           Sacred Heart                                                               Alamosa, Colorado

1957-58           Sacred Heart Home                                                     Pueblo, Colorado

1958-60           St. Joseph’s Hospital                                                   Del Norte, Colorado

1960-67           U.S. Navy                                                                   Vietnam and the Pacific

1967-68           St. Vincent de Paul                                                     San Diego, California

1968-69           St. Anastasia                                                               Los Angeles, California

1969-71           Chaminade Preparatory                                  Canoga Park/Chatsworth, California

1971-74           Father Duenas Memorial School/Seminary                Mangilao, Guam

1974-75           Agana Diocese                                                            Agana, Guam

1975-76           St. Michael’s                                                               Biloxi, Mississippi

1976-82           Chaminade Preparatory                                  Canoga Park/Chatsworth, California

1982-84           St. Francis of Assisi                                                    Forrest City, Arkansas

1984-92           Notre Dame High School/Middle-High School         Wichita Falls, Texas

1992-94           St. Vincent de Paul                                                     Leeds, North Dakota

Immaculate Conception                                              Penn, North Dakota

St. James                                                                     Minnewauken, North Dakota

St. Mary                                                                      Knox, North Dakota

1994-98           Sacred Heart                                                               Cando, North Dakota

1998-2001       North Dakota  (church information unclear)              North Dakota

2001-04           Commons of Providence                                            Sandusky, Ohio

John Hugh Sutton


Father John Hugh Sutton was ordained in 1956.  He served several years in Colorado, and was then assigned with as a chaplain with the U.S. Navy in the 1960s.  Father Sutton worked on Guam from 1971 until approximately 1975 at the Father Duenas Memorial School and Seminary in Mangilao, Guam.  In 2014-15, a lawsuit was filed claiming Father Sutton sexually abused a student while he was a teacher at Notre Dame Middle-High School in Wichita Falls, Texas.