For almost a century, the Boy Scouts of America have maintained a list of individuals that the organization deemed to be “ineligible” to volunteer.  Many of those individuals were added to the list over allegations of child sexual abuse, and the Boy Scouts maintained a file on each individual.  In 2012, a portion of the files were made public by court order after they were used in a trial against the Boy Scouts in Oregon.

The released files include at least one Scout leader from Guam, David Joseph Ellington.  Please note that the existence of a file on Mr. Ellington was a decision made by the Boy Scouts, and the information provided on this webpage comes solely from that file.  Nothing on this page should be viewed as an indication that the allegations made against Mr. Ellington are true or not.

Some of the information from the Boy Scout file on Mr. Ellington is reproduced below, followed by the entire file.  If you or someone you love was abused by a Scout leader, or you would like more information on the history of abuse in Scouts, please contact us.

David Joseph Ellington

File Date:  January 13, 1972


Troop 23, Agana, Guam, Assistant Scoutmaster, April-December 1971

Troop 226, Phoenix, Arizona, Assistant Scoutmaster, 1972


In late 1971, Mr. Ellington was allegedly discharged from the U.S. Coast Guard while on tour in Guam for “character and behavior disorder.” According to the allegations, Mr. Ellington initiated sexual contact with two minor male children.  Mr. Ellington subsequently left Guam and moved to Phoenix, Arizona, where he attempted to register as an Assistant Scoutmaster in 1972 with Troop 226.

David Joseph Ellington