The following information regarding Father Antonio Cruz, including his assignments and some of the allegations against him, has been compiled from public sources that are listed below. Please note that the information on this page is not intended to suggest the allegations are true or false, but is merely being provided to summarize publicly available information. If you or someone you love was abused, please contact us to learn your legal options.


1959-77                       Nuestra Senora de la Pas Buen Vijaje                        Chalan Pago/Yigo, Guam

(Our Lady of Peace and Safe Journey)

1971-76                       M.I. Penitentiary Chapel                                 Ordot, Guam

1982-86                       St. Anthony and St. Victor Church                 Tamuning, Guam


In September 2016, a witness publicly claimed that he saw Father Antonio Cruz sexually abuse an altar boy in Chalan Pago in 1964.  Father Cruz was assigned as first pastor to Our Lady of Peace and Safe Journey Church in Chalan Pago after its dedication in 1959.  He also served at the St. Anthony and St. Victor Church in Tamuning, Guam.  Fr. Cruz died in November 1986 at the age of 62.