You are not alone.

On September 23, 2016, Governor Eddie Calvo signed into law a bill that abolished the statute of limitations for survivors of childhood sexual abuse.  The new law means abuse survivors can now file claims against the people who abused them as well as the people and institutions that allowed the abuse to occur.

When a child survives abuse by someone in a position of trust and authority, the resulting harm and damage can last a lifetime.  We are attorneys who can help survivors of childhood sexual abuse, and we understand that many child abuse survivors do not realize they are suffering until much later in life.

The lawyers featured on this website have a wide-range of legal experience, including some who have represented hundreds of abuse survivors with claims against the Catholic Church, the Boy Scouts, the Mormon church, schools, and other youth-serving organizations that failed to protect their clients from sexual predators.  Some of the lawyers are licensed in Guam, while others are licensed in other states but are willing to jointly represent abuse survivors in Guam given their experience helping people in other states.

Adult Survivors of Child Sexual Abuse

If you are an adult survivor of childhood sexual abuse, you may just now be in the process of starting to understand how the abuse has affected your life.  You may have also recently learned that someone you trusted failed to protect you and allowed the abuse to occur.  Sadly, you are not alone, but we are here to help you understand whether you have legal options to seek redress for the harm you suffered.

Sexual Abuse Within the Catholic Church

A number of the attorneys featured on this website have a significant amount of experience helping people in other states who were abused by Catholic priests, clerics, employees, and volunteers of the Catholic Church.  As the Church in Guam undergoes more and more scrutiny for how it handled child abuse in its ranks, it is likely that more and more evidence will come to light showing that the Church failed to protect children from sexual predators in its ranks.

Inside of a Church

Why Contact Us?

The Guam lawyers featured on this website want to help abuse survivors understand their options, including whether they may be able to bring a claim against those who allowed or enabled their abuse to happen.  In order to help in that effort, they have teamed-up with lawyers from other states who have significant experience helping abuse survivors, including claims against the Catholic Church, the Boy Scouts, the Mormon Church, and other youth-serving organizations.  If you choose to have one of our lawyers help you, you will also have the opportunity, if you choose, to work with those other lawyers for the same legal fee.